Helfer System

A system design for maximum airflow.
  • The Helfer duct rocket penetrates the center of the bin to release air into the core
  • Fan efficiency is increased by as much as 20%
  • Static pressure is lowered
  • Drying time is reduced by as much as 50%
  • 15" round floor ducts push air up from the floor and out towards the bin walls

All of the systems below come standard with a 48" Helfer duct. Add 24" or 48" extension for all tall bins.

Wall Vents

  • Reduce static pressure
  • Maximize air flow
  • Reduce drying time by eliminating moisture movement to the top of the bin
  • Easily opened and closed from ground level with a unique rope system
  • Can be used to enhance other aeration systems
  • 3 vents per bin recommended (18' diameter or larger)

Product manuals and spec sheets can be found by clicking here.